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Kef Time - Exciting Sounds of the Middle East (1994)

24-01-2010, 19:03    

Kef Time-"Exciting Sounds of the Middle East"Исполнитель: Kef Time
Альбом: "Exciting Sounds of the Middle East"
Год: 1994
Жанр: Средиземноморская музыка
Формат и качество: Mp3 - 192 kb/s
Размер: 100 MB





1. Soode Soode
2. Dersim medley
3. Elimon Ektim Tasa
4. Telegrafin Telleri
5. Halay
6. Konyali
7. Sepastia Bar
8. Tin Tin
9. Karsilama
10. Huseynigin Sazera
11. Adalar
12. Sulukule
13. Kale Kale
14. Siro Yerk
15. Cile Bulbul Cile
16. Koprumun Alti Diken
17. Laz Bar

The cast is:

Richard A. Hagopian - oud, vocals
Buddy Sarkissian - dumbegs
Hachig Kazarian - clarinet
Jack Chalikian - kanun
Manny Petro - guitar
Russell Jajour - tambourine & zils

The album was produced by Traditional Crossroads in 1994 (originally released by SaHa Records, recorded April 16-18, 1968). Some notes from the booklet: "The Kef Time Band is made up of a unique group of musicians, each bringing with them their own personal, musical contribution. The group was formed in 1963 to perform in Las Vegas as part of the Cleopatra revue. After a five year run, the band members went their own ways, frequently coming together for special performances in New York, Philadelphia, Hartford, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Cape Cod. The group has built its reputation on its repertoire of lively dance songs from the old country. Their unique sound os undoubtedly due to the members' varied musical background ran´ging from Juilliard training to Jazz. Richard A. Hagopian sings and plays the ud (middle-eastern lute)- He was inspired by old recordings of the blind master, Udi Hrant, but critics have compared his qunique picking technique to bluegrass and flamenco styles. Buddy Sarkissian, the co-founder of the group, plays multiple dumbegs (hour-glass shaped drums) - an innovation borrowed from his early days as a trap drummer. Hachig Kazarian's clarinet playing has become the model for nearly every young Armenian-American clarinetist to follow. A graduate of the Juilliard School, Kazarian's unique style incorporates technical precision within the folk idiom. The kanun, (72-stringed middle-eastern harp) as played by Jack Chalikian, enhances the melody with traditional Eastern embellichments. Manny Petro has long been associated with the Kef Time sound. His bass patterns and subtle chordal accompaniment add drive without covering the ornate melody lines."



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