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Сборник - Azərbaycan Ulduzları (2012)

27-04-2014, 21:25    

Сборник-Az601;rbaycan Ulduzlar305; (2012)Исполнитель: Сборник
Альбом: Azərbaycan Ulduzları (2012)
Жанр: Азербайджанская эстрада
Формат и качество: Mp3 - 128 kbps
Размер: 68 МБ









01. Könlümə düşmüsən - Zeynəb Xanlarova

02. Bir Xumar Baxışla - Şövkət Ələkbərova

03. Sarı Gəlin - Qədir Rüstəmov

04. Mehriban Olaq - İslam Rzayev

05. Mirzə Hüseyn Segahı - Mircavad Cəfərov

06. Şirin Dil - Gülağa Məmmədov

07. Bayatı-Şiraz - Fehruz Məmmədov

08. Daşlı Qala - Əbülfǝt Əliyev

09. Çargyah - Habil Əliyev

10. Anama - Rübabə Muradova

11. Heç Küsməyin Yeridirmi - Natiq Nuriyev

12. Müxalif təsnifi - Bülbül

13. Laylay - Fatma Mehrəliyeva

14. Bakının Ulduzları - Rəşid Behbudov


The Azerbaijani Mugham is a traditional musical form, characterized by a large degree of improvisation. The Mugham, though a classical and academic art, draws upon popular bard melodies, rhythms and performance techniques and is performed in many venues throughout the country.

Contemporary representations of the Azerbaijani Mugham reflect different periods of Azerbaijan’s history and its contacts with Persians, Armenians, Georgians and with other Turkic peoples. This musical genre shares artistic characteristics with the Iraqi Maqam, the Persian Radif and the Turkish Makams. In the past, Mugham was primarily performed on two secular occasions: the toy, the traditional wedding feast and the majles, a gathering of connoisseurs in private settings. It was also cultivated by members of the Sufi orders and by performers of religious dramas known as ta’zie or shabih. Official competitions and informal contests served to establish the reputation of accomplished musicians.

This modal genre features a male or female singer accompanied by musicians playing traditional instruments, such as the tar (a long-neck lute), the kamancha (a four-string spiked fiddle) and the daf (a type of large tambourine). Since Mugham cannot be transcribed in a fixed form, multiple versions are transmitted by masters who train students in the fine art of interpretation to ensure the variety of this artistic expression.

The Mugham has lost some of its aesthetic and expressive characteristics largely due to European influences, which are particularly apparent in the manner in which contemporary musicians perform and transmit their skills to the younger generations.


There, as much as I appreciate the traditional form I also appreciate the mixing with European influences. For this compilation I kept things fairly but not rigidly traditional. I went for an entertaining listen first and foremost, keeping things diverse but within an esthetic frame, so for instance no jazz/funk, let alone drum computers. Sound quality hasn't been much of an objective either. The songs are put in order and (mildly) segued, so best listen in the order presented, whether you burn to a cdr (small booklet included) or not."

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