Amir Perelman & Djivan Gasparyan - "Serenity" (2001)

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    Исполнитель: Amir Perelman & Djivan Gasparyan
    Альбом: "Serenity"
    Год: 2001
    Формат и качество: Mp3 | 320 kbps
    Продолжительность: 56:06 min
    Кол-во композиций: 5
    Размер: 282 MB


    1. Gladiator (7:56)
    2. Udja (8:44)
    3. Serenity (19:16)
    4. Sharkia (12:42)
    5. Mush (7:28)

    Total (56:06)

    В записи принимали участие:
    Amir Perelman - guitar,Ud
    Djivan Gasparyan - duduk
    Amir Shahasar - flute (ney)

    Label: Zigota Records (Israel)

    The vituous guitarist Amir Perelman mixture in its musics the various ones drafts musical that has been able to absorb in the course of its travels around the world. Perfectly to its comfort with traditional music Indiana and l' western improvisation, the Israeli composer has modified its guitar in order to make to play it like a sitar and with l' egg whites " Serenity" it makes to converse its detail instrument with the duduk of Djivan Gasparyan. The duduk, instrument to constructed Armenian traditional breath with the wood d' apricot tree to metа road between l' Oboe and the flauto, и one of piщ the antichi instruments of the world and Djivan Gasparyan of и piщ the vituous important. Its sonoritа sweet and fascinating - that they have rendered famous Gasparyan in the world thanks in its participation to the sonorous column of the film " L' Last Temptation of Cristo" , cured from Peter Gabriel - miscelate to the strange guitar of Perelman, they create evocative sonorous landscapes of large serenitа. Musics of fusion between Eastern and the jazz in charge of the Israeli Amir Perelman (guitar and Ud), with the collaboration of duduk of the Armenian Djivan Gasparyan, the flute (ney) of Amir Shahasar and a pair of percusionistas.

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