Ararat [Atom Egoyan](Original Motion Picture Score) - 2002 Mychael Danna

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    Ararat [Atom Egoyan](Original Motion Picture Score) - 2002
    Mychael Danna

    Исполнитель: Original Soundtrack/Mychael Danna
    Альбом: Ararat
    Record Label : Alliance, Milan
    Жанр: Film Music, Neo-Classical, Original Score, Soundtracks
    Кол-во композиций : 20
    год: November 05, 2002



    01. Mychael Danna - All that is sacred 2:07
    02. Mychael Danna - Ancient history 1:06 0
    03. Mychael Danna - Ani 1:25
    04. Mychael Danna - Call to action 1:05
    05. Mychael Danna - Final stand 0:53
    06. Mychael Danna - Groonk 4:13
    07. Mychael Danna - His land was lost 2:27
    08. Mychael Danna - How did we die 2:30
    09. Mychael Danna - Mothers and sons 1:27
    10. Mychael Danna - Need to be remembered 6:07
    11. Mychael Danna - Oor es mayr eem 4:15
    12. Mychael Danna - Return to ararat 2:41
    13. Mychael Danna - Siege 3:37
    14. Mychael Danna - Silent witness 1:21
    15. Mychael Danna - Something in your heart 2:12
    16. Mychael Danna - The dance 3:30
    17. Mychael Danna - The ghost of my father 1:01
    18. Mychael Danna - The poxer to imagine 2:12
    19. Mychael Danna - They will take my island 1:25
    20. Mychael Danna - Yerz 2:56

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    For Ararat, his most personal and ambitious film, Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter) turned to fellow Canadian Mychael Danna, with whom he has collaborated since 1987's Family Viewing (Ararat is their ninth film together). The complex storyline weaves together the genocide of Armenians by Turkey's Ottoman Empire during World War I -- portrayed through the making of a more conventional historical epic film (also called Ararat) -- with a group of mostly Armenian characters in contemporary Toronto, many involved with the making of the film. They are all, to some degree or another, haunted by the genocide -- including the Turkish government's refusal to acknowledge that it ever happened (hence the controversy with which the film has been greeted in some quarters). In the liner notes, Danna notes that the soundtrack is, fittingly enough, "largely based on Armenian folk, church, and court melodies, played and sung by native musicians." It was recorded on location in Armenia (at Etchmiadzin's ancient Church of Saint Gayane) and in Toronto and London. The instrumentation ranges from the conventional for the orchestral pieces to the indigenous -- duduk, zurna, shvi, tar, kamancha, kanon, and dhol -- for the more exotic ones. The Canadian Opera Company's celebrated soprano, Isabel Bayrakdarian, is featured on the stunning "Oor Es Mayr Eem" (in 2002, Bayrakdarian also released Joyous Light, a CD of Armenian liturgical music on CBC Records). ~ Kathleen C. Fennessy, All Music Guide

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