Arto Tuncboyaciyan - Bzdik zinvor [Armenian Navy Band]

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    Arto Tuncboyaciyan - Bzdik Zinvor [Armenian Navy Band]

    The Armenian Navy Band was founded by the percussionist/vocalist of Armenian descent, Arto Tunçboyaciyan. Music is a fundamental element of his life, by which he tries to communicate his greatest values: "love, respect and truth".

    The group is composed of twelve Armenian musicians, among the best that live in Armenia at the moment. The compositions are all original of Arto Tunçboyaciyan which -using his words - "have the sound of my life".

    This music is pervaded by sonorities taken from the Armenian and Anatolian tradition fused with elements coming from different musical experiences, amongst them jazz.

    Arto's original compositions express the sound of the past generations along with today's life; this is what he calls "avant-garde folk". We can say that the Armenian Navy Band represents the synthesis of Arto's musical journey and life experiences. As an ensemble with particular virtuosity, it also has great ability in performing live music and compositions taken from the tradition and from the current culture of Armenia.

    The musicians of this ensemble range from ages 20-45. The instruments vary from traditional: duduk, zurna, kemanche, kanun to contemporary: trombone, alto sax, tenor, soprano sax, trumpet, bass, drums, keyboard and piano. This ensemble together with the unique vocals and percussion and sazabo of Arto creates a musical journey of the past and present, bringing the sound into the future.

    Исполнитель: Arto Tuncboyaciyan & Aydin Esen
    Альбом: Bzdik Zinvor [Armenian Navy Band]
    Жанр: Этно-джаз
    Количество композиций: 8
    Формат: MP3 128 kbps
    Размер: 37 МБ


    1. Martoon Shishuh

    2. Low Shoulder

    3. Malkhas Akhber

    4. Already the Boat is Starting to Move

    5. Turkey Running from the Table

    6. Dry Road

    7. Oor Eh Peliculan

    8. Bzdik Zinvor


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