Bijan Dadashi, Vahid & Rahman Asadollahi - Lezgi (1993)

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    Bijan Dadashi, Vahid & Rahman Asadollahi - Lezgi (1993)

    1 - Ozumdan Yokhdur Khabarim
    2 - Bahar Ringi
    3 - Tarakama
    4 - Gorush Ringi
    5 - Lezgi
    6 - Bahar Sansiz
    7 - Shanlik Raqsi
    8 - Ayriliq
    9 - Firouzah

    Piano , Accodion: Bijan Dadashi
    Naqara: Vahid Asadollahi
    Garmon: Rahman Asadollahi


    This collection includes a number of pieces from Azerbaijani music that are gathered by Rahman Asadollahi who in turn has contributed to their performance by playing Garmon. All these performances were arranged and recorded by Bijan Dadashi in 1984. The pieces here are from dance music (Reng) and Mahni. Rengs of Azerbayjani music possess the same rhythmic quality of Rengs in the Iranian music. One can equal Mahni with Tarane which itself is different from Tasnif in Azerbayjani music. The latter is more complicated in form and often contains dependent and established pieces that are parts of a Dastgah, contrary to Tasnif in the iranian music that is separated from the body of Radif. Mahni's, however, on account of their simple structure, generally resemble simple popular Tarane's. Two kinds of them can be specified in Azerbayjani music: Khalq Mahnisi or the popular Mahni belonging to the folklore and Vastekari Mahnisi or the Mahni with its creator as known. To name the most renowned Mahni composers we can mention Tofigh Aliyov, Saeed Rostamov, and Jahangir Jahangirov. Certain Bastekari Mahni's are so closed in mood to the popular Mahni's that are often considered to be Khalq Mahnisi, e.g. Alaguz by Saeed Rostamov or Ayriliq, one of the most famous and over-popular Mahnis throughout Azerbayjan, by Ostad Salimi. .

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