Evgeni Haide - DJ ევგენი ჰაიდეს კოლექცია

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    About (he about himself): My name is Evgeni Haide also known as DJ Ujin Ray. I was born and raised in Georgia in 1988 February 19nd. From early childhood, I was addicted to music. I always liked to watch how famous DJ’s were operating behind the decks, so I decided to become a DJ and started the career as one, in 2006. For studying Dj-ing and Music Production I went in Germany, in Berlin Music School. My first release "Ball House Sampler" was published on Taldor Records. Today, my works can be found on Beatport, Junodownload, Trackitdown, etc... In 7th of Marth will be released WMC 2011 Sampler of Audiobite Soulful Records.

    2011 - Music Hall Gudauri (Georgia, Tbilisi) - Resident DJ
    2011 - Music Hall Batumi (Georgia, Batumi) - Resident DJ
    2011 - VOX (Georgia, Batumi) - Resident DJ
    2011 - Sublime Club (Georgia, Batumi) - Resident DJ
    2011 - Soho (Georgia, Batumi)
    2010 - PantHouse Club (Georgia, Tbilisi)
    2010 - Open Air (Georgia, Batumi Festival)
    2010 - Sublime Club (Georgia, Batumi)
    2009-2010 - Sky Lounge (Georgia, Betania) - Resident DJ
    2010 - Flat Club (Georgia, Tbilisi)
    2010 - Number One Club (Georgia, Tbilisi)
    2010 - Wakanda Club (Georgia, Tbilisi)
    2010 - U-1 Club (Germany, Nurnberg)
    2010 - Atom Club (Japan, Tokio)
    2009 - Cubic (Georgia, Tbilisi)
    2008 - Night Office (Georgia, Tbilisi)

    Was playing with DJ’s and artists like: Parov Stelar, The Maneken, Slow Dip, Gorge, Oxia, Unai

    Artist: Evgeni Haide (DJ Ujin Ray)
    Album: Collection


    1. Apparat-fractales
    2. Ask yourself
    3. Car crash
    4. Mars needz women (with DJ Aka & Gio Bebiava)
    5. Don't say it
    6. Following the white rabbit
    7. Galaqtioni
    8. Simple feeling (with Gio Bebiava)
    9. Goes long-awaited
    10. Groove for my momma
    11. How do I look
    12. Locked dream
    13. Make up your mind
    14. Oder nicht
    15. Once in Monday
    16. Silfide
    17. Slow motion
    18. Something new 2011
    19. Think about this
    20. Tunel
    21. Welcome back


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