Johnny Roubian - Kez, Kez, Kez (2001)

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    Language: Armenian
    Genre: Pop
    Format: Audio CD, Jewel Case
    Year: 2001

    1. Kez Kez Kez 3:39
    2. Maral Aghjeek 3:38
    3. Harsanekan Waltz 4:39
    4. Sirounig Aghjeek 3:07
    5. Harsanik 3:46
    6. Lambada 4:01
    7. Dzyan Patilner 4:59
    8. Siro Janapar 3:49
    9. Hayastan 3:58 5.51
    10. Tamzara 4:01
    11. Hayenk Hayel Kmnank 3:22
    12. Sevany Apeen 3:39

    One of the most beloved Armenian entertainers, Johnny Roubian, performs wonderful songs. His mellow, resonant voice, subtle vocal style and notably clean intonation mark him out, along with a liking for long, seemingly endless musical phrases. Johnny started to play guitar at an early age. His father and sister played musical instruments and he grew up under the tones of classical music. As a young boy Johnny took the guitar in his hands and started to play from the ear with any education or teachers. So, Johnny first learned to play and than the notes. Two or three years after that he formed a group with his friends in Lebanon. At the age of 17 he came to Armenia and formed the “Spyurq” Orchestra. After that he took part in the USSR Student Award “Voske Lar” (Golden String) and won the first prize as the best singer and musician. And than he left for Tallin and became the award winner. As a first prize winner he was invited to the Kremlin and got the Medal from the hands of Brezhnev. After that he moved to New York, USA and continued his musical career there. Up to Know Jonny sings and entertains the Armenian community living in New York. At present, Johnny desires to see progress and development in the Armenian music and music culture. And having seen all these potentials in Arevik Gharibyan, Johnny decided to produce her and to do everything t lead Arevik through the real paths of Armenian reach music culture.

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