Kung Fu Junkie - Dance or die (Georgian Pop-electronic)

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    Kung Fu Junkie was formed at 2007, July, when 3 “chinese junkie masters” (Zomb, Grinch and Farchilla) decide to fuck culture together. 8 bit game over to all the kinds of the modern and postmodern music.

    Kung Fu Junkie was formed as a pop-electronic circus of happy-sad chinese robots, urban shaolin monks, red lipsticks and smart drugs. Group synthesis Pop-oriented electro music with underground theatre esthetics, space program, alternative literature etc. Their music and experiments making Kung Fu Junkie one of the important band in Georgian contemporary music.

    Members: Next DreamHacker - vocals
    Chring InLove - sequencer, sound FX, vocals
    Vinda Folio - guitars, visuals
    MC CutDaKill - MC

    X-Members: Farchilla - guitars, vocals
    Anano Sikharulidze - keyboards, vocals
    Natuka Natsvlishvili - bass, vocals
    Giorgi Getsadze - drums
    Iliko Gogoberidze - bass

    Album: Dance or die
    Format: mp3, 128 kbps, 4400 Hz
    Source: ZIP file


    1. Biorobot (Live)
    2. Chinese girl
    3. Dance 2 the light (Mix)
    4. Dance 2 the light
    5. Error cowboy (Live)
    6. Flowerz in my brain
    7. Genetic Code (Live)
    8. Go boyz!!!
    9. King size (Live)
    10. Promo
    11. Trip up (Live)
    12. Yoshiwara bitch (Live)


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