Mando - Mando II

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    Mando - Mando II
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    "Mando II" is Greek singer Mando's comeback album, after a four year absence from the Greek music scene. It was released on May 30, 2008 by Minos EMI's Polymusic and will be Mando's first release since 2003. The writers are Pegasos and Vicky Gerotheodorou as well as many well known song composers, including Mando herself. The title of the album represents a new start, and second chapter in her music career after taking time off to be with her family.

    01. "Dos Mou Logo Na Sotho"
    02. "Stahti"
    03. "Limani Dihos Thalassa"
    04. "Den Ise Eki" (Pegasos) - 3:51
    05. "Breathe Again"
    06. "S'Akoloutho"
    07. "Pente to Proi"
    08. "Safe"
    09. "Ena"
    10. "Me Sena Telos"
    11. "Tha Thela Monaha"
    12. "Ston Egokero"

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