New-A (Ana Kublashvili) - Techno ანა კუბლაშვილი - ტექნო

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    New-A (Ana Kublashvili) is an electronic musician from Georgia, Tbilisi. After studying piano for 7 years in a public musical school of Georgia and finishing conservatory vocal courses for 2 years Ana Kublashvili experimented on playing the guitar, drums and Georgian national instruments.

    Artist: Ana Kublashvili (NEW-A) / ანა კუბლაშვილი
    Album: Collection
    Total tracks: 16


    1. Charmed
    2. Chill out in summer
    3. Cloudy weather
    4. Get deeper
    5. Jupiter under the fire
    6. Lovely
    7. LSD
    8. No love
    9. On the beach
    10. Rain in the city
    11. Shadow of the sun
    12. Silent night
    13. Space Lift
    14. Summer breeze
    15. Violence
    16. Wood at night


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