Sargis Poghosyan - Searching (2008)

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    Исполнитель: Sargis Poghosyan
    Альбом: Searching
    Жанр: Армянская эстрада | Рабиз
    Год: 2008
    Формат и качество: Mp3 | 192
    Количество треков: 10
    Размер: 55 МБ

    Armenian Music Center has released Sargis Poghosyan's debut album entitled "Searching". It includes compositions in different styles (Ballad, New Age, Pop, Blues and Rock). Sargis Poghosyan was born on August 18, 1985 in Yerevan. His first debut on the stage was at the age of 10 at Stanislavski Theatre. At the age of 13 he began to create and engage in professional vocal (for seven years). He took part in different competitions and concerts. The arrangements for his songs are done by the member of "Mineral" band Sparik Sargsyan (Sargis collaborates with the band "Mineral"). The director's and assembly works for his music videos have been done by himself (SP Production). He also engages in Sparik Sargsyan's, "Mineral's" and Rossi's director's and assembly works.


    01. Sargis Poghosyan - Pntrem
    02. Sargis Poghosyan & Nushik Tati - I Feel You
    03. Sargis Poghosyan & Rossi - Menutyun
    04. Sargis Poghosyan - Come Back
    05. Sargis Poghosyan & Anahit Vardazanyan - Artioq Hi
    06. Sargis Poghosyan - Du, Im Yerq
    07. Sargis Poghosyan - Yerazanq U Ser
    08. Sargis Poghosyan - Qez Mot Kgal
    09. Sargis Poghosyan - Yes Lur em bayc hogis gorum e
    10. Sargis Poghosyan - Yes Lur em bayc hogis gorum e 2


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