Shahram Nazeri & Faramarz Payvar - Leyli o Majnoon (2002)

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    Genre: World / Ethnic / Iranian Classical

    Shahram Nazeri (Persian: شهرام ناظرى , Kurdish: Şehram Nazirî) is a contemporary Iranian Kurdish musician who sings classical Persian and Kurdish music. He is one of Iran's most respected vocalists. Shahram Nazeri was born in 1950 in the city of Kermanshah. His family environment had a long contact with art. From the very beginning of his childhood, he learned the region's indigenous literature and culture from his mother. Through his father he became acquainted with music. Meanwhile, his father's families (uncles) who were all instructors of music had a great part in his understanding of music. Masters such as Behzad Kermanshahi and Neamt Ali Kharabati had an important role in his future mental structure, in the area of literature, and music and mysticism, respectively.

    He specializes in the rich tradition of Sufi music, which turns to song the mystical poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Attar, and others. Nazeri is known particularly for several decades of works on Rumi poetry. He is also working on symphonies made on Firdowsi's masterpieces. Nazeri is Called "the Persian nightingale" and usually holds deeply soulful performances. He is also referred to as "the Pavarotti of Iran".

    Faramarz Payvar is a prominent contemporary music figure, born in 1932 in Tehran. He was raised in a family fond of art. His father, a university professor of French language, was also a talented painter. He has created many paintings. His grandfather Mosavveroddoleh was the special painter of Qajarid kings. His works are still mounted on the walls of Golestan and Sahebqaranieh palaces of Tehran. He was also familiar with music and played violin and Santur (a string Iranian instrument).

    He left Iran in 1963 to study English language at Cambridge University. He lived there for three years during which time he performed recitals and delivered speeches to provide Britons with an insight of traditional Iranian music. He was conferred several awards by London and Cambridge universities. Some of his solo Santur pieces are still broadcast on Radio BBC.


    Hosein Farhadpoor - Alto
    Mehrdad Delnavazi - Tar, Barbat
    Said Sabet - Santur
    Siamak Banai - Tonbak
    Ali Asghar Bahari - Kemencheh
    Faramarz Payvar - Santur
    Hooshang Zarif - Tar
    Mohamad Esmaili - Tonbak


    01. Moghadameye Shour Ba Orchestre
    02. Avaze Masnavi Ba Kamancheh
    03. Tasnife Ey Aman
    04. Edameye Avaze Masnavi Ba Kamancheh
    05. Tasnife Peyghame Soroush
    06. Daramade Shour Ba Tar
    07. Moghadameye Orchestre Pejvak
    08. Ghateye PejvakBa Santur va Tonbak
    09. Daramade Shour. Avaz ba Tar
    10. Ghateye Orchestre Shahnaz Ba Avaz
    11. Domezrabe Santour va Tonbak
    12. Avaze Shahnaz Gharcheh Razavi ba Tar
    13. Ghateye Orchestre Razavi
    14. Avaze Razavi O Forood
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