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    SvanSikh is a Georgian pop music Duo from Tbilisi, consisting of two members Anano Sikharulidze (compose, arrange, vocal) and Bacho Svanidze (compose, arrange). The band was formed in 2010 and released their first single “read in the air” which gained a great success and general recognition. It had followed several tracks like "feel the butterflies" and "thinking of you".


    Genesis of the band: The history of the band begins a long time ago when Ania Sikharulidze and Bacho Svanidze who was her best friend’s brother discovered their mutual interest in composing music and however it turned out that they shared the same musical taste. Together they composed several tracks which led them to form a Band.

    Musical Style: SvanSikh’s music share different musical styles, but mostly it is referred to pop.

    Artist: SvanSikh
    Album: Read in the air
    Year: 2010
    Format: mp3, 128 kbps, 4400 Hz
    Source: ZIP file


    1. Butterflies
    2. Electronic girl
    3. On the radio
    4. Pitch it (You are the one)
    5. Read in the air
    6. Still I got my reasons
    7. Thinking of you
    8. Thinking of you (Remix)

    Watch Video "Magic @ YouTube:


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